me + music

Since childhood, I felt musical. I couldn’t sing in church because my voice broke at an early age – and one of my brothers laughed back at me when I tried to sing. Interestingly, my dad was a choir master, and everyone else in my family sung in the church choir except me.


With time,  rhythm came back, and I started doing musical experiments. Today am a DJ + Percussionist. I am the creative director of muthurukishion, an event that attempts to fuse music from all directions. My style is heavily  influenced by African sounds, so I call it afrolectic.

My new sounds:

TENDWA Ft Ewalaa Turkana, Loiyangalani Stars … on #SoundCloud

My appreciation  Mixfor 2014 is now available on this link.

In May 2015, I put together a new project Bengatronics an afrofuturistic journey to discovering the place of Benga music in the electronic space. It borrows heavily from authentic benga styles but introduces digital influences such as real-time remixing, sampling, and improvisation of arrangements in a live band setting. The Bengatronics collective is contributing to a larger momentum of developing authentic East African Dance Music rooted in the musical culture and traditions of the region.

This show was recorded live at Alliance Francaise Arusha, 22.05.2015.


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