about me

Gregg is a communications specialist, with expertise in both corporate and development communications. Currently, he is a development specialist consulting for various Arts, Culture, Media and Information and Communication Technology projects in East Africa. Gregg’s education background is English Language, English Literature and Information Technology.

In his formative years, Gregg was  involved in creating multimedia campaigns for youth in Kenya. He is a co-founder of G-Pange, and the founder of G-Jue 1 Million campaign. He is the lead innovator behind One2One Youth Hotline. He has also participated in international cycling expeditions to raise funds and awareness in support of access to clean water, affordable HIV/AIDS healthcare and Malaria projects in Africa.

Gregory appreciates spoken word, authentic music and photography. in 2013, he started WiBO CULTURE, an experimental, self-evolving initiative that envisions an open and connected global community through food, fashion, music and stories. His project, bengatronics is out on a journey to find the future sound of benga music.

Gregory is inspired  by working collaboratively with self-propelled social innovators and unspoken visionaries championing for their communities.

He loves to stretch his limits.


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