The Smart Generation 

Mostly, I meet loads of us who don’t enjoy the solution-seeking side of things. Many of us cuddle the problem side of situations – complaining about the problem – repeatedly, without even attempting a solution. Often, we listen to ourselves tell stories of how stuff cannot be done, how difficult it is if you attempt, or summarily, how impossible. 
Looking back, we aren’t born this way, or our early child life (especially if you grew up in the village) doesn’t allow you the space to think, feel act this way. The system slowly creeps on us, gradually. Our socialization systems do not liberate, and they are constructed to systematically create confusion, dependence and ultimately, enslave. 
Education doesn’t liberate, and neither does the church, state or even family – these institutions teach you how to absolve and appropriate the problem to someone else. The church provides you to absolve it to father above, and blame satan below for what’s unbecoming, the education system teaches you specialization and outsourcing, while the government makes you pay tax and it promises to solve your problem. 
So we have a growing generation that can’t figure or even provide simple solutions to simple problems, and one that is happy to tell you how it can’t be done. Our generation is increasingly cultured to always give “impossibility” answers, and be pleasant at every opportunity, with sheer pride, tell you “No you can’t do this, that and it’s impossible because rule this or that or the other doesn’t permit.” 
Many of us love and embrace system, routine, command, and stagnate at shepherding. Being different – curious, solution oriented, independent, alternative – is odd, it’s even deviant. Freedom of thought and action is considered sinful, solutions come from above. 
One big realization the our young generation needs to wake up to is that the system was not built to our advantage, we were built to serve it. It has all the solutions figured for us, for as long as we can tow – get an education, find a job, pay tax, get insurance. For this and the coming generation, aloofness to intrinsically motivated problem solving will keep us here, right here where we are – remaining contented with leftovers and tokenization. 
Have a liberating, solution-oriented weekend.

Yours, Mwalimu Gregg Tendwa. 




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