New energy is brewing

Am afraid of this feeling but it’s peculiarly not new. Am back to some place I know too well; that space when I often press the restart button. I go into a completely new field and break new ground. I loose some and gain others.

3 years ago I survived depression, quit beer and decided to swim in music. A year ago @bengatronics was born. We have danced our drunk heads at #muthurikishion. Every month we have the #RooftopSundnower at #pawa254. Every Friday there is percussion discussion live with Abakisimba Troupe at the Kenya cultural center.

I have ever considered farming. In fact I can operate a tractor. I learnt it in USA, thanks to Mark Jakubiec. Am not kidding. In my early teens, I was a cobbler. I learnt it from one short guy called Mavyuva from my village in Kikima, Mbooni. I repaired shoes for my siblings till they told me it’s not cool to compete with Mavyuva.

I have directed documentary films and even won novice awards. Ask Keyser Soze. I have branded campaigns, companies, and conceptualized several public benefit organizations. I can be the best at anything I put my head and heart into, regardless of how daunting. On occasions I laugh when someone tells me you can’t do it, or you are not qualified to do it. All I need is an insulation of positivity, and we can move a mountain.

Of course, there is fear, that which stops us from becoming innovators and change makers of our time. That feeling that comes and asserts that there is a big cloud hovering above – one that we cannot see or touch but we feel it’s heat everyday. It’s engineered by gold and fueled by oil. It makes us stay awake wishing our parents could sponsor us to build the next space shuttle. It keeps us sticking to sameness just so we can bake bread and drink wine.
Without a doubt, something is cooking, some new energy is brewing… and I don’t know what the landing pad will be like.


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