you need 3Hrs to drive on top of 1.4 BILLION Kenya shillings laid end to end on a road.

you need 3Hrs to drive ontop of 1.4B Kenya shillings laid on a tarmac.

Last night I was having a chat with this Indian business lady who was telling me that over the last year, business in Kenya has been going really down. She mentioned that she has had a decent life over the past 10 years, but recently she gave notice to vacate her house in Nairobi because she cant afford it anymore. Consequently, she is considering closing her business in Nairobi and relocating to India.

I asked her what she thought the problem was and she told me that the Kenyan government has been systematically screwing up. “Do you see cars on the streets? Tourism is going down, and recently, they have emptied the coffers at treasury”. I stood for a moment thinking about it, and she asked me, ” do you know how much 1.4B Kenyan shilling is? I couldn’t answer, because, just like many Kenyans, I have never imagined the size of such money.

I told her to give me sometime to do my homework. For sure, Kenyans might not comprehend the size of 1.4 BILLION Shillings paid out by the Kenyan government to the headless Anglo Leasing scam.

To break down the magnitude of this payment, we bring 1.4 B Kenya shillings closer to reality. Here are the facts.

1. The physical size of the 1,000 Kenya shilling note, which is the highest denomination in Kenya, measures exactly 15 centimeters.

2. 1.4 BILLION Kenya shillings is made up of 1.4 MILLION notes of 1,000 Kenya shilling denomination.

3. 1.4M Kenya shillings notes, each measuring 15 cm makes a total of 21,000,000 Centimeters.

4. Laid end to end on any Kenya road, 21,000,000 Centimeters translates to 210 Kilometers (1Km = 100,000 centimeters)

5. Driving at 80 Kilometers per Hour, you will need 3 Hours to cover the length of that money (210 Kilometres) if it was laid end to end on a road. Lets call this “the money road”

6. If you drive from Nairobi, “the money road” goes up to Molo (207 Kms), Nanyuki (200 Kms), Chogoria (194 Kms), Kibwezi (193 Kms) and you could still keep some change. If going to Uganda, you could drive from Kisumu to Mbale (200 Kms) on “the money road” .

Whats your physical interpretation?



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