Kenyan Youth charged with Animal Over-friendliness and Cruelty

Over the past week, two things have happened in this city. Both share a  denominator. They involve animals – dogs and pigs, not the very cleanest of animals but it is what it is. Bottom line, Kenyan youth are being taken to court for crimes with, for and against animals. Some were caught entertaining dogs, while the other crew that was caught releasing live pigs into the streets and feeding them with fresh blood. Some will be charged with entertainment, while the other group will be charged with cruelty.

But both these groups share a thing in common, they are fighting for their existence, to assert their place in this life, striving to make their ends meet, and something is standing in their way. Something is preventing them from achieving their dreams, and may be hiding under the veil of charging youth with animal cruelty is no better than  hiding thy head under sand. The deeper true story is that the young people are angry, young people are bitter, and they are using animals to project their bitterness.

Their “parents” have robbed them off what was meant to be theirs. They have increased their retirement age, so no vacancies down there for their educated sons and daughters. Their parents keep getting greedy and turning them to objects, objects that facilitate the well-being and comfort of their parental masters. They have employed them as their drivers, receptionists, and the young people still wear a quiet smile; at least they can afford a chocolate for their girlfriend from the father’s tip and generosity.

The dignity of these young people has been taken away by a capitalist environment which they did not create by themselves, but their parents are squarely responsible. A bitter generation is growing up and has now matured, one that is tired, one that has to fight by all means for what is rightfully theirs – existence. Their anger is visible; and animals have to sadly be involved.

Moralists, and other self-elevated dispensers of judgment will be the first to argue that there is no connection between the two incidents. To their reply, the fight for existence of young people is far from over. What you see today are shallow shadows of bigger fights to come. Cyber crime and street burglary aint stopping until young people with college degrees move from being desperate for “any job” and become responsible social entrepreneurs.

It wont stop until someone stops duping youth with sweeping streets and cutting grass in the name of Kazi Kwa vijana. It wont stop until there is no single youth to hire for political noise making – online or offline. It wont stop until there is no more goons for hire. It wont stop until young people have access to land and are able to till and feed their own families, and share some with the local priest. It won’t stop until fathers stop paying their daughters for sex, and renting them a little house in Zimmerman.

IMG_1002The resistance movement is changing hands. The unified bitterness of the youth will drive us into doing crazy stuff – like pigs and dogs. The wheel of change is now in the hands of young people.

And, to those of you who hoard wealth and dispense it as favors to youth, to those of you who own half the country and instead of allowing the youth to till it, you buy them to decorate your enterprise, we see this, we see your evil wand, we see you, we refuse your drink, and we will not slumber.

For the youth who have been conveniently converted into homeguards… wish you well, and hopefully you don’t fall in the hands of your hungry peers. And may be one day, if it gets worse, the girls who entertained dogs might do it openly in protest of the pigs in parliament. I wouldn’t want my kids to hate me this much.


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