Where is my LAND

Where is my LAND

Where is my LAND

Cant see my LAND








I was born on this land

I was born to this land

I grew up in this land

I played my childhood on this land

This land actually bears witness

Of the stupidity of my childhood

If she would speak

She would say, i know this guy

_by all means, i belong here

I quit school at 10

To go grow tomatoes

Then right when i picked the hoe

To head to the water hole

I was told

The land has been sold

to educate you

_ where is my land

I woke up on saturday

Nostalgic about those old times

Playing with the butterflies in the green forest

Bright day, felt like walking to the river

I crossed through a neighbors bush

And was sued for trespassing

_where is my land?

Then my friend

That squatter – remember him?

Who was Living and working at that ranch?

Helping some lover of wild animals-to-help-himself

To keeping wild animals to entetain himself?

And then this guy went out picking fruit

In the PRIVATE ranch

just enjoying the scenery….

Coz he doesnt see that very often

In his single squatter room

Ah oh, the ugly warthog was spared

In fact,it was referred to as

The “nice little cute thing”

It was adopted and christened – Sammy

But the squatter was shot dead

_where is my land?

Came time to make a home

A beautiful place that i could call my own

Where my wife and kids

Could plant and play with wild lilies

Just when that was supposed to happen

They told me;

“You should buy an apartment”

Because all all land is gone!

_where is my land?

So, wife needs a place for us to stay

Barclays then offers a product

Some shitty thing called – mortgage

And so i allow myself to sink deep into debt

[like they do it, the western way]

And we have a house ready for habitation

Just when we are about to consummate the establishment

Fart that – A bulldozer

Came tearing at my bedroom roof!

Exposing my nakedness

indecently to the skies…..

_where is my land?

Now i am hungry

2 teenage kids

That feed like termites

They eat everything …

From the shops; To the slopes

They broke into my neighbors fridge

and they got a restrain order

So i needed to farm

Grow potatoes And fruit

Oranges and plums

Make Tree Top Juice

And jam for the teenagers

Just when i picked my hoe (again)

To go till the land

I was told;

Its under Real Estate

for REAL?

_where is my land

Now i need to buy some land

while on one hand I see

‘Plots for Sale”

on the other, I meet this sign post

“This Land belongs to the University of Nairobi”



_where is my land




Social justice

Agenda 4

_all jargon

….still I cant tell

_where is my land

My niece asked me

Uncle, why are you always busy?

Why do you come home late?

And when you come…

You are too tired to play with me

My answer, its Economic Injustice


[Originally written and posted on Facebook on Wednesday, January 25, 2012, this piece is a reflection of historical injustices that have made us who we are. be welcome to add a verse from your experience]


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