In the Land of Missed Opportunity

It is the land of opportunity. So, Whats the fuss about?My be we can find it, if we look at today.

Today’s debate has come and gone. It’s the last one for this election season, so we are all ready to jump onto democracy (like we are lubricated).

So, I was just thinking why we are all so fussed up. And I figured that we hat we are somewhat afraid of what will come out in a week’s time. The dilemma we are experiencing now is because of the dangers and fears of the times that are coming; because Kenya is about to take off, and if it doesn’t, it will be a million miles lost, in a single day.

So the stakes rocketed really high, as we will see in opinions polls tomorrow.  So, I decided to play this little game to calm myself. Initially it starts as me writing a hard statement on my facebook, but i found myself writing more and decided to go on a small piece to calm my evening. So much about the background, lets look at what’s at stake here.

What is at stake? Looks its like THE MISSED OPPORTUNITY. We are afraid of missing this opportunity. It is the opportunity that would see legal frameworks come into place to run a country’s economy. Its about a possible 24 hour economy that could fly Kenya’s economy in triple, it would be elephant from today’s. Just imagine. Its about a vision that we keep talking about, but we need to achieve it in 17 years from now. Bla bla abla …national land cake.

But, don’t be fooled. The missed opportunity is not just about to happen but, I realize that it already actually happened.  And, may be, the middle class could start finding ways of negotiating their space with the smartness of brilliant architects of the next generation politics. Come on, these so could young leaders can perfectly identify with what it feels like to drink a beer in a Kenyan club.

When you look around you see so much missed opportunity its not even funny. Just imagine, when I see Bonnie fighting Ruto, am thinking, despite the dark line that separates the way you are currently wired, you two guys could work really well together… Imagine a presidency of Wiliam Ruto and Boniface Mwangi, and all what separates them today was miraculously mended?

How about Martha, Karua the iron lady working with Raila, running a social democrat government that is  founded on justice being the shield and defender . The constitution is implemented to the letter and people are made to feel happy and playing football – kadanda hoyie! Kadanda Tena! There would be a comic working with a lady who doesn’t smile. That a really cute couple, isn’t it?

Imagine Musalia and Kiyapi working together, and that office would be just so romantic. Full of good buzz and a pair of safe hands. Just one pair of safe hands is all they have. Owned by an ever laughing professor and a never decided president. That would be green and blue so we would probably look a little bit more South African. But that’s not the problem; these guys would just be mere jokers who would never make a decision, or if they would, it would be as bad as “Hey bro, how about if we take a shave right before this presidential debate?” The Musalia went ahead and did it.

And how about Dida working with Muite? Damn those guys are just a cake of something. An activist with a teacher. And the government policy would be law and education (not law and order). Muite would be in court fighting over Migingo, Dida would be giving a press conference on  githeri, water and air. Wouldn’t you be glued to your TVs like tonight?

And Peter Kenneth, wow. How about him and Martha. What a combination. A match made in Kenya. Of a young smart big bro president and the iron lady functional vice president – to neutralize. A rare couple that combines law and development, what a cocktail.

We would have our legal systems running on hydraulic. We would have the perfect safe hands for Mutunga. The judiciary would expense twice as much as its doing now – like its running on gasoline. In the meantime, Kenneth would be digging roads in the northern-forgotten-Kenya, and getting everyone some piece of land, a drop of water, and a road without potholes.

While he is away on big business for the country, Martha would keep the assembly running. She would discipline this parliament; none of the guys would miss or come late – their payslips would be attached.  Debates would be of high quality, based on solid facts, after fact followed by a legal citation. This would make the guys in parliament read the constitution, for once, they would appreciate having some legal back-end to their discussions.

Sadly, that’s not about to happen. 2 greats minds that would have worked together will now not work together.  We might have to wait for another 5, or 10 years, or forever, before they can just meet and think together, and work together… This is the story we could have written one day ,but shit, it aint gonna happen.

And there are blocks and blocks of steel and concrete all around ourselves that we cannot untie ourselves from – tribe being one of those. so, we are tribal, so we cant have these these 2 cool cups…. And there goes another missed opportunity…


As Dida once said, Africa is known to frustrate its potential. Largely, we might be a missed opportunity, or we miss many opportunities.

Have a nice day!


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