democracy, mass suicide and “thy will be done”

Part of me tells me that Kenya might be committing suicide in the name of democracy. Lets face the facts; a large section of this population cannot be trusted to make a decision in the first place – Not even a right decision, just a decision – like should I wear yellow or green. Many of us ride on  autopilot, like a girl I once dated.

When I was in my 2nd year of college, I met this girl, in what you would otherwise call “gold rush”, which is where you scamper for fresh girls (mostly from the village) as soon as they report for their first year in campus (don’t look at me that way, am not a pedo, every body did it, and so did I – there is safety in numbers).

She was a nice person, passive in nature – a replica of what the bible taught her, perfectly the way her culture expected her to be, her mother would be proud of how womanly her daughter had become. So I took time to examine this specimen that, whenever it came to making a decision, she could only say “Si ni vile unasema tu…” (while drawing a map with her right foot toe) loosely translated to mean, “Whatever you say, whatever you want, whatever you like… I will JUST DO IT”.

And so this girl, whatever I wanted to eat, she would eat. Wherever I wanted to go, she would come. Anytime I was awake, she would wake up. Whatever I ate, she enjoyed. Anytime I slept, she would follow suit. Whenever I was in a bad mood, she would be in a bad mood too. Anytime I told a story, she would tell back a similar one. She lost herself, body and soul to me, and I realized that it is a very peculiar habit and this is not about extreme passiveness, it is also largely about people who cannot trust themselves to make a decision.

I understand that many people naturally run away from responsibility, especially when responsibility involves making decisions. It is not surprising that people fear to think, come on, their brains might run out of disk space. Others fear to act, fear to carry the weight of decisions they make, they fear to act.  People would rather be “thought for”.

Many would love to be “cared for”, others would love to have it on a platter without having to think much, come on, look at consumerism and all its attributes – KFC is good, have more, eat more, some more, it tastes good, and if you ask them – where does chicken come from? They will look smart but answer “from the super market”. And of course, there is the blonde bunch of others, who will sell their looks to get their way around –models, often tend to be pretty shallow. Sorry for the digression, and my apologies, to the models.

Back to my people. Now, even when they have all information they need to make an informed decision, they would – still rather have someone else do the decision for them, be it their pastor, or husband, or village elder, and largely their politician.

So, the Kenyan politician today is telling the world “Let the Kenyan PEOPLE decide”. No doubt, that’s democracy. But what they actually mean is, “Let our SHEEPLE show what their mama gave them”. And soon, the country might be grinding to a halt, dragging with it as many sheep as my college girlfriend, all in the name of democracy.


Young men chill outside a TNA office in Nairobi West shopping centre. Every campaign year, such offices are opened by the political parties as a PR gimmick to woe voters. They are not staffed, and often close a month of 2 after the elections are done. Sad that Kenyans never learn from these gimmicks.


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